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Simulation Performance Tips

To enhance the simulation performance of your SoC Blockset™ model, apply these settings to the top model and the referenced models in your SoC design (such as the processor model or FPGA model).

  • Turn on compiler optimization for accelerator mode. Click Hardware Settings on the Simulink® Toolstrip to open the configuration parameters dialog box. Then, select Simulation Target in the left pane, and set Undefined function handling to Filter out.

  • Expand the ... at the bottom. Under Advanced parameters, perform these actions:

    • Set Compiler optimization level to Optimizations on (faster runs). This action turns on compiler optimization for accelerator mode, but it also increases the time of the first ctrl-D to build the library.

    • Select Block reduction.

    • Select Conditional input branch execution.

  • In the configuration parameters, select Code Generation in the left pane. Under Toolchain settings, set Build configuration to Faster Runs.

  • In the left pane, under Code Generation, select Optimization. Set Default parameter behavior to Inlined.

  • To remove signal logging, enter this code at the MATLAB® command prompt.

    mdlsignals = find_system(gcs,'FindAll','on','LookUnderMasks','all', ...
    ph = get_param(mdlsignals,'SrcPortHandle');
    for i=1: length(ph)
  • To disable model animation, right-click the model canvas, and set Animation Speed to None.

  • Set the FPGA and processor model references to accelerator mode. Navigate the model hierarchy to the model reference, right-click the model reference block, and select Block Parameters. Then, in the Block Parameters dialog box, set Simulation mode to Accelerator.

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