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Using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid Block - Flexible Dipper Arm

This example shows how to model a flexible dipper arm, such as the arm for an excavator or a backhoe, by using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid block. This block captures the mechanical behavior of a deformable body through reduced-order stiffness and mass matrices that are associated with interface frame locations. In this example, the Partial Differential Equation Toolbox™ is used to create the reduced-order model.

The dipper is mounted on top of a rotating tower as part of a test rig. The cylinder actuates the arm vertically while the rotating tower allows the arm to swing left and right. A spherical test tool is attached to the tip of the dipper to allow contact with a solid wall. The Scope block allows us to visualize the deformations and reaction forces that result from the motion of the rig.

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