Results and Test Management

Report and archive test results, package test files, work with change management systems

You can view a results summary in the Test Manager. Investigate detailed results with data visualization tools including difference plots and tolerance plots, and update baseline data from the plots. Save figures that you want to generate every time you run a test. Create custom report templates using Simulink® Report Generator™.



View Test Case Results

After a test case has finished running in the Test Manager, the test case result becomes available in the Results and Artifacts pane.

Filter Test Execution and Results

Tag tests for selective test execution and results filtering.

Examine Test Failures and Modify Baselines

Examine signals in test failures, update baselines with current data.


Export Test Results and Generate Reports

Once you have run test cases and generated test results, you can export results and generate reports.

Customize Test Reports

You can choose how to format and aggregate test results by customizing reports.

View Graphical Results From Model Verification Library

Simulink® Test™ outputs graphical results of the Model Verification block library so you can use the Test Manager or Simulation Data Inspector to see when your test assessments pass and fail.

Create, Store, and Open MATLAB Figures

Generate figures with results and reports using MATLAB® commands.

File Management

Manage Test File Dependencies

Track and manage dependencies for large or complex test files.

Featured Examples