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Export Test Results

Once you have run test cases and generated test results, you can export results and generate reports. Test case results appear in the Results and Artifacts pane.

Test results are saved separately from the test file. To save results, select the result in the Test Manager, in the Results and Artifacts pane, and click Export on the toolstrip.

  • Select complete result sets to export to a MATLAB® data export file (MLDATX).

    Results and Artifacts pane with Results line selected


    When you export the results into an MLDATX file, the corresponding test cases are not exported. When you reimport the result set in the Test Manager, the connections from the test case results to the original test cases are not preserved.

  • Select criteria comparisons or simulation output to export signal data to the base workspace or to a MAT-file.

    Results and Artifacts pane sim output selected

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