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Check Test Coverage

Implement, evaluate, and increase test coverage

Test coverage is how completely the model and generated code are tested. If you have Simulink® Coverage™, you can evaluate your test coverage by using test cases and test suites to exercise model components that correspond to the design requirements. If you have Simulink Requirements™, you can trace coverage to specific requirements, and you can resolve coverage issues by explicitly excluding some requirements from needing tests. If you have Simulink Design Verifier™, you can create additional test inputs to exercise more of the model components.


Collect Coverage in Tests

Use coverage measurement to assess the extent of your tests.

Increase Coverage by Generating Test Inputs

Use Simulink Design Verifier to generate tests that extend coverage and recreate design errors, and add generated tests to your test file.

Filter Test Execution and Results

Tag tests for selective test execution and results filtering.

Perform Functional Testing and Analyze Test Coverage

Analyze functional dependencies, test model components in isolation, create suites of test cases, test models and code to achieve coverage.

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