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Compare Requirements Sets

To compare differences between two requirements sets, use the Compare Revisions tool.

Compare Two .slreqx Simulink Requirements Sets

If you have two versions of a .slreqx Simulink® requirements set file, use the Simulink Compare Revisions tool to find any differences between the two files.

Select Two Requirements Set Files to Compare

  1. In the Current Folder pane of MATLAB®, or in the Project Files View of your project, select the first file for comparison.

  2. In the Current Folder pane of MATLAB, or in the Project Files View of your project, press Ctrl, and then click the second file for comparison.

  3. Right-click either file and select Compare Selected Files/Folders.

Select One File to Compare

  1. In the Current Folder pane of MATLAB, right-click first file and select Compare Against > Choose.

  2. Select the second file for comparison and select Simulink Requirements™ Comparison as the Comparison type.

The Simulink comparison tool shows the differences between the two .slreqx requirements sets. The comparison shows which specific requirements in a requirement set changed and which fields of each requirement changed.


The comparison tool shows only changes in saved .slreqx requirements sets. Changes that have occurred in memory but are not yet saved to file are not shown.

To view a requirements item in the Requirements Editor, highlight the requirements item and click Highlight Now. The requirements item from the right comparison pane opens in the Requirements Editor. If you select Always Highlight, the Requirements Editor opens to the selected requirements item whenever you click one.

Review Changes in Source-Controlled Files

If you use a separate change management tool to manage changes to your projects, you can use the Simulink comparison tool with your source-controlled Simulink Requirements files. For more information, see Compare Revisions.