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Navigate to link source or destination

Since R2020a


example navigates to tgt, a link source or destination. The source or destination object opens in the corresponding interface, such as a block in a model, or test in the Test Manager.


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This example shows how to navigate to a link source.

Load Requirement Set and Links

rq = slreq.load('original_thrust_reverser_requirements.slreqx');
lk = slreq.load('reqs_validation_property_proving_original_model.slmx');

Navigate to a Link Source

sl = getLinks(lk);
sl2 = sl(2);


Cleanup commands. Clears open requirement sets without saving changes, and closes open models without saving changes.

bdclose all

Input Arguments

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Link source or destination, as may be returned by source or destination for a Link.

Example: struct with fields

Data Types: struct

Version History

Introduced in R2020a