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Get registered navigation function for referenced requirements



    callbackFunction = slreq.getNavigationFcn(domain) returns the navigation callback function name registered for imported referenced requirements that have the Domain property value equal to domain.


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    This example shows how to register and get the registered navigation callback function for referenced requirements imported from ReqIF™ files.

    Import the ReqIF file mySpec.reqif into Requirements Toolbox™.

    count = slreq.import("mySpec.reqif");

    Get the handle for the imported requirement set. Check the domain for the imported referenced requirements.

    rs = slreq.find("Type","ReqSet","Name","mySpec");
    topRef = children(rs);
    domain = topRef.Domain
    domain = 
    'Third-Party Tool'

    Check if there are any currently registered navigation callback functions for the domain.

    callback = slreq.getNavigationFcn(domain)
    callback =
      0x0 empty char array

    Register the custom navigation callback function myNavigationFcn for the domain. Confirm that the navigation callback function was registered.

    callback = slreq.getNavigationFcn(domain)
    callback = 


    Clear the open requirement sets without saving. Unregister the custom navigation callback function.


    Input Arguments

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    Third-party requirements tool domain for which to get the registered the navigation callback function, specified as a string scalar.

    Output Arguments

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    Registered navigation callback function name, returned as a character vector.


    • You can get the value of the Domain property for a referenced requirement at the MATLAB® command prompt by entering:

      domain = myReferencedRequirement.Domain
      domain =
          'Third-Party Tool'

    Version History

    Introduced in R2019a