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Execution Modes

The Simulink® Real-Time™ RTOS has two mutually exclusive execution modes.

  • Interrupt mode — The scheduler implements real-time single-tasking and multitasking execution of single-rate or multirate systems, including asynchronous events (interrupts). You can interact with the target computer while the real-time application is executing at high sample rates. To use this real-time mode:

    • Leave the Force polling mode configuration parameter disabled (default).

    • Leave the pollingThreshold application option at the default value.

  • Polling mode — The RTOS executes real-time applications at sample times close to the limit of the CPU. Using polling mode with high-speed and low-latency I/O boards and drivers enables you to achieve real-time application sample times that you cannot achieve by using interrupt mode. Because polling mode disables interrupts on the processor core where the model runs, it imposes restrictions on the model architecture and on target communication. The base rate of the real-time application is always running when executing in polling mode. To use this real-time mode, either:

    • Enable the Force polling mode configuration parameter.

    • Set the pollingThreshold application option sample time value to a rate below the base rate of the model.

For more information, see Force polling mode and Application.

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