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Supported Design Requirements

You can optimize response of Simulink® models to meet time-domain and frequency-domain design requirements.

Simulink Design Optimization™ software optimizes model response by formulating the requirements into a constrained optimization problem. It then solves the problem using optimization methods.

  • For time-domain requirements, the software simulates the model during optimization, compares the current response with the requirement and uses gradient methods to modify design variables (model parameters) to meet the objectives.

    You can specify time-domain requirements either in blocks from the Signal Constraints library or without adding blocks to the model. You can also include requirements specified in Check Static Range, Check Static Lower Bound and Check Static Upper Bound blocks from the Simulink Model Verification library.

  • For frequency-domain requirements, the software linearizes the portion of the model between specified linearization inputs and outputs, compares the linear system with the requirement and uses gradient methods to modify the design variables to meet the objectives.

    If you have Simulink Control Design™ software, you can optimize the model to meet frequency-domain requirements, such as Bode magnitude and gain and phase margin bounds. You can specify the frequency-domain requirements without adding blocks to the model or by using the Model Verification (Simulink Control Design) blocks of the Simulink Control Design software library.

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