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Extract subsystem coverage data from system-level coverage data

Since R2019b



excvd = extract(cvdo,subsystem) extracts coverage data for subsystem from system-level coverage data cvdo.


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Record coverage data for the sf_car model.

model = 'sf_car'
cvdo = cvsim(model);

Extract the coverage data for the shift_logic subsystem from the coverage data from the top-level model sf_car.

excvd = extract(cvdo,'sf_car/shift_logic');

Create a coverage report from the extracted coverage data.

cvhtml('tmp', excvd)

Input Arguments

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System-level coverage data object from a top-level model, specified as an object.

Data Types: object

Full name or path of a subsystem in an open or loaded Simulink model, specified as a character vector.

Data Types: character vector

Output Arguments

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Coverage data object for a subsystem extracted from a Simulink model, returned as an object.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b

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