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Trigger-Based Operating Point Snapshot

Generate operating points, linearizations, or both at triggered events


Simulink® Control Design™


Attach this block to a signal in a model when you want to take a snapshot of the system's operating point at triggered events such as when the signal crosses zero or when the signal sends a function call. You can also perform a linearization at these events. To extract the operating point or perform the linearization, you need to simulate the model using either the findop or linearize functions. Alternatively, you can interactively export the operating point and linearize the model using the Linear Analysis Tool.

Choose the trigger type in the Block Parameters dialog box, as shown in the following figure.

The possible trigger types are

  • rising: the signal crosses zero while increasing.

  • falling: the signal crosses zero while decreasing.

  • either: the signal crosses zero while either increasing or decreasing.

  • function-call: the signal send a function call.

Introduced before R2006a