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VR RigidBodyTree

(To be removed) Visualize Robotics System Toolbox RigidBodyTree objects in Simulink

VR RigidBodyTree will be removed in a future release. For more information, see Version History.

  • VR RigidBodyTree block

Simulink 3D Animation


Use the VR RigidBodyTree block to visualize RigidBodyTree objects from Robotics System Toolbox™ in the Simulink® 3D Animation™ viewer.



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Robot configuration that solves the desired end-effector pose, specified as a vector. A robot configuration is a vector of joint positions for the rigidBodyTree model. The number of positions is equal to the number of non-fixed joints in the rigidBodyTree parameter.

Data Types: single | double


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Specify the virtual world in which the rigidBodyTree is visualized

Specify the location of the rigidBodyTree object in the scene hierarchy. For more information on scene hierarchy, see Create a Virtual World.

Specify the name of the Robotics System Toolbox rigidBodyTree object to be used in the virtual world. If a robot with an identical name is already present in the virtual world, it is used for visualization by default.

You can enable the Always use robot definition from the RigidBodyTree object parameter to overwrite the existing robot, if present, with the robot specified by the rigidBodyTree object.

Enable this parameter to always create a robot from the rigidBodyTree object specified by the Rigid Body Tree parameter.

By default, the virtual world uses an existing robot by the same name, if it exists.

Specify the sample time for the block, or specify -1 to inherit the sample time.

Enable this parameter to ensure that the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer is open during simulation.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2018b

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R2023b: To be removed

The VR RigidBodyTree will be removed in a future release. Instead, use sim3d classes and Simulation 3D blocks to interface MATLAB® and Simulink with the Unreal Engine® 3D simulation environment. To get started, see Create 3D Simulations in Unreal Engine Environment.