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MATLAB Compiler Support

To use the MATLAB® Compiler™ to produce standalone applications, create a MATLAB file that uses the MATLAB interface for the Simulink® 3D Animation™ product (for example, creating, opening, and closing a vrworld object). Then use the MATLAB Compiler product.

Standalone applications that include Simulink 3D Animation functionality have the following limitations:

  • No Simulink software support, which results in no access to the Simulink 3D Animation Simulink library (vrlib).

  • No Simulink 3D Animation server, which results in no remote connection for the Orbisnap viewer

  • No animation recording ability

  • No editing world ability

  • The following Simulink 3D Animation Viewer features cannot be used in standalone applications:

    • File > Open in Editor

    • Recording menu

    • Simulation menu

    • Help access

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