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Start Simulink without opening any windows



start_simulink starts Simulink® without opening any models, the Start Page, or the Simulink Library Browser. Use this in startup scripts to start Simulink without any other window taking the focus away from the MATLAB® Desktop. For example, use start_simulink in the MATLAB startup.m file, when starting MATLAB with the -r command line option, or in project startup scripts. Opening a model for the first time in a MATLAB session is much quicker after running start_simulink.

If you want to open the Simulink Start Page to create or open models, use the simulink function instead.

If you want to open the Library Browser, use slLibraryBrowser.


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Use the -r command line option to start Simulink when starting MATLAB, without opening any windows.

On Windows®, create a desktop shortcut with the following target:

matlabroot\bin\win64\matlab.exe -r start_simulink

On Linux® and Mac, enter:

matlab -r start_simulink
Introduced in R2015b