Class: Simulink.MDLInfo
Package: Simulink

Extract model file description without loading block diagram into memory


description = Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescription('mymodel')
description = info.getDescription


description = Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescription('mymodel') returns the description associated with the file mymodel, without loading the model.

mymodel can be:

  • A block diagram name (for example, vdp)

  • The file name for a file on the MATLAB® path (for example, mymodel.slx)

  • A file name relative to the current folder (for example, mydir/mymodel.slx)

  • A fully qualified file name (for example, C:\mydir\mymodel.slx)

description = info.getDescription returns the description property of the Simulink.MDLInfo object info.


Get the description without loading the model or creating a Simulink.MDLInfo object:

description = Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescription('mymodel')

Create a Simulink.MDLInfo object containing all the model information properties, and get the description property:

info = Simulink.MDLInfo('mymodel')
description = info.getDescription