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Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support hardware protocols


ButtonDetect button press on EV3 brick
Color SensorDetect colors, reflected light, or ambient light
DisplayDisplay label and integer on EV3 Display
EncoderMeasure motor rotation in degrees
Gyro SensorMeasure rate of rotation
Infrared SensorDetect the buttons pressed on a LEGO Remote Infrared beacon, measure the beacon proximity and heading, or measure the object proximity.
MotorControl motor power and direction
SpeakerPlay tone from EV3 speaker
Status LightControl status light on EV3 brick
Touch SensorOutput state of touch sensor
Ultrasonic SensorMeasure distance from object in centimeters
TCP/IP ReceiveReceive data over TCP/IP network from remote host
TCP/IP SendSend data over TCP/IP network to another remote host
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packets from another UDP host on an Internet network
UDP SendSend UDP packets to another UDP host on Internet network
BatteryMeasures voltage of battery in EV3 brick
TimerMeasures elapsed time from timer in EV3 brick
NXT Touch SensorReads state of NXT touch sensor
NXT Ultrasonic SensorMeasures distance between NXT ultrasonic sensor and the nearest object
NXT Gyro SensorMeasure rate of rotation of HiTechnic NXT gyro sensor
NXT Sound SensorMeasures sound level from the NXT sound sensor
Pixy2 Vision SensorRepresent connected CMUcam5 Pixy2 vision sensor and tracks object (color blob) (Since R2020a)
I2C Register ReadMaster device reads data from the I2C slave device or I2C slave device register(s) (Since R2020b)