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Debug and Analyze the Quality of S-Functions

Analyze the quality and troubleshoot potential problems in S-functions

Analyze the quality of your S-functions using S-Function APIs.


S-FunctionInclude S-function in model
S-Function BuilderIntegrate C or C++ code to create S-functions


Simulink.sfunction.AnalyzerCreate a Simulink S-function analyzer object
Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.BuildInfo Create an object to represent build information
Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options Create an object to specify options for running S-function checks


Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.findSfunctionsFind and return all eligible S-functions in a model


Check S-Functions Using S-Function Analyzer APIs

Run quality checks on S-functions to identify potential problems.

Run Quality Checks on S-Functions

This example demonstrates how to use S-Function analyzer APIs to check S-functions, in order to identify potential problems and improvements.

Troubleshoot S-Function Checks

Troubleshoot the problems that could occur during S-function checks.

Debug C MEX S-Functions

Troubleshoot errors and problems in C MEX S-Functions.

S-Functions in Normal Mode Referenced Models

Learn the requirements for C S-functions that are used in referenced models executing in normal mode.

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