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Use numerical compensation and multicore solutions to support your Simulink® co-simulation applications

The Simulink platform supports co-simulation between components. In Simulink, co-simulation is between components with local solvers or involving simulation tools. For example, co-simulation can be an S-function implemented as a co-simulation gateway between Simulink and third-party tools or custom code, or an FMU in co-simulation mode imported to Simulink.


FMUInclude Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) in model
S-FunctionInclude S-function in model


Simulink.fmuexport.ExportSimulinkProjectToFMUExport project as Functional Mockup Unit (FMU)


Co-Simulation Execution and Numerical Compensation

Use numerical compensation to mitigate numeric inaccuracies introduced by co-simulation signal delays.

Run Co-Simulation Components on Multiple Cores

Take advantage of the multiple cores in your system for co-simulation.

Export a Model as a Tool-Coupling FMU

Export a Simulink model for use in a third-party environment.

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