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Start Add-On Explorer to download, install, or uninstall RF Blockset models and supporting software for third–party hardware




simrfSupportPackages opens the Add-On Explorer to install the Analog Devices models and testbenches.


Install RF Blockset System Models

  1. Start Add-On Explorer using:

  2. Click SimRF Models for Analog Devices Rf Transceivers.

  3. Click Install and follow the instructions to install the models.

  4. Complete the installation process. You can now access the following Analog Devices® models:

    AD9361 models

    AD9361 testbenches

    AD9371 models

    AD9371 testbenches


    To run the models, you require these additional licenses:

    • Communications Toolbox™

    • Stateflow®

    • Fixed-Point Designer™

    • DSP System Toolbox™

    • Simscape™

When you update your MATLAB® software, you must repeat the installation process for the latest updates. You can also check for updates between releases.

Introduced in R2014b