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Discrete-Event Chart

Discrete event chart

  • Library:
  • SimEvents


The Discrete Event Chart block is similar to a Stateflow® chart but is used for discrete events. The block requires a Stateflow license.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Discrete Event Chart block is that it executes in an event-based rather than time-based fashion. The Discrete Event Chart block provides these advantages for discrete-event modeling:

  • Precise timing — The time resolution for occurrence of events can be arbitrarily precise and is not limited by the sample time of the model.

  • Trigger on arrival — A Discrete Event Chart block executes immediately on message arrival. It does not wait for the next sample time hit.

  • Variable execution order — A Discrete Event Chart block does not have a fixed sorted execution order. The order of execution depends on the run-time conditions of the model.

  • Multiple executions per time step — A Discrete Event Chart block can execute zero or multiple times in a single time step.

The Discrete Event Chart can be used in a similar fashion to the Stateflow Chart.

To access the chart properties, right-click the chart and select Properties. For more information about the block properties, see How Discrete-Event Charts Differ from Stateflow Charts.

For information about SimEvents® common design patterns with Discrete Event Chart block, see SimEvents Common Design Patterns.

Introduced in R2016a