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Create user-defined unit prefix


unitprefixObject = sbiounitprefix('NameValue')
unitprefixObject = sbiounitprefix('NameValue', ExponentValue)
unitprefixObject = sbiounitprefix('NameValue', ...'PropertyName', PropertyValue ...)



Name of the user-defined unit prefix. NameValue must begin with characters and can contain characters, underscores, or numbers. NameValue can be any valid MATLAB® variable name.


Shows the value of 10^ExponentValue that defines the relationship of the unit Name to the base unit. Specify an integer. For example, for the unit picomole, ExponentValue is –12.


Name of the unit prefix object property. For example, 'Notes'.


Value of the unit prefix object property. For example, 'New unitprefix for GPCR model'.


unitprefixObject = sbiounitprefix('NameValue') constructs a SimBiology® unit prefix object with the name NameValue. Valid names must begin with a letter, and be followed by letters, underscores, or numbers.

unitprefixObject = sbiounitprefix('NameValue', ExponentValue) creates a unit-prefix object with a multiplicative factor of 10^ExponentValue.

unitprefixObject = sbiounitprefix('NameValue', ...'PropertyName', PropertyValue ...) defines optional properties. The property name/property value pairs can be in any format supported by the function set.

In order to use unitprefixObject, you must add it to the user-defined library with the sbioaddtolibrary function. To get the unit-prefix object into the user-defined library, use the following command:

You can view additional unitprefixObject properties with the get command. You can modify additional properties with the set command.

Use the sbioshowunitprefixes function to list the units available in the user-defined library.


This example shows how to create a user-defined unit prefix, add it to the user-defined library, and query the library.

  1. Create a unit prefix.

    unitprefixObj1 = sbiounitprefix('peta', 15);
  2. Add the unit prefix to the user-defined library.


  3. Query the user-defined library in the root object.

    rootObj = sbioroot;
    Unit Prefix Array
       Index:  Library:     Name:             Exponent:
       1       UserDefined  peta               15      

    Alternatively, use the sbiowhos command.

    sbiowhos -userdefined -unitprefix
    SimBiology UserDefined Unit Prefixes
       Index:  Name:           Multiplier:              
       1       peta            1.000000e+015

Version History

Introduced in R2008a