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Voltage-controlled oscillator



y = vco(x,fc,fs) creates a signal that oscillates at a frequency determined by the real input vector or matrix x with sampling frequency fs. If x is a matrix, vco produces a matrix whose columns oscillate according to the columns of x.


y = vco(x,[Fmin Fmax],fs) scales the frequency modulation range so that ±1 values of x yield oscillations of Fmin Hz and Fmax Hz, respectively.


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Generate two seconds of a signal composed of a voltage-controlled oscillator (vco) and four Gaussian atoms. The instantaneous frequency is modulated by a chirp function. The sample rate is 14 kHz.

fs = 14000;
t = (0:1/fs:2)';

gaussFun = @(A,x,mu,f) exp(-(x-mu).^2/(2*0.01^2)).*sin(2*pi*f.*x)*A';
s = gaussFun([1 1 1 1],t,[0.2 0.5 1 1.75],[10 60 25 5]*100)/10;
x = vco(chirp(t+.1,0,t(end),3).*exp(-2*(t-1).^2),0.2*fs,fs);

s = s/10+x;

Plot the spectrogram of the generated signal. Specify 90% overlap and moderate spectral leakage.


Generate two seconds of a signal sampled at 10 kHz whose instantaneous frequency is a triangle function of time.

fs = 10000;
t = 0:1/fs:2;
x = vco(sawtooth(2*pi*t,0.75),[0.1 0.4]*fs,fs);

Plot the spectrogram of the generated signal. Specify the leakage as 0.80 and the overlap between adjoining segments as 95%.


Input Arguments

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Input data, specified as a real vector or real matrix. x ranges from –1 to 1, where x = –1 corresponds to 0 frequency output, x = 0 corresponds to fc, and x = 1 corresponds to 2*fc.

Carrier or reference frequency used to modulate the input signal, specified as a real positive scalar.

Frequency modulation range limits, specified as a real vector. For best results, Fmin and Fmax should be in the range 0 to fs/2.


vco performs FM modulation using the modulate function.

Sample rate, specified as a positive scalar. The sample rate is the number of samples per unit time. If the unit of time is seconds, then the sample rate has units of Hz.

Output Arguments

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Oscillating output signal, returned as a real vector or real matrix. y is the same size as x and has amplitude equal to 1.

Extended Capabilities

C/C++ Code Generation
Generate C and C++ code using MATLAB® Coder™.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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