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Find a specific build argument in build information



[identifier,value] = findBuildArg(buildinfo,buildArgName) searches for a build argument from the build information.

If the build argument is present in the build information, the function returns the name and value.


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Find a build argument and its value stored in build information myBuildInfo. Then, view the argument identifier and value.

load buildInfo.mat
myBuildInfo = buildInfo;
myBuildArgExtmodeStaticAlloc = 'EXTMODE_STATIC_ALLOC';
[buildArgId buildArgValue] = findBuildArg(buildInfo, ...
>> buildArgId

buildArgId =


>> buildArgValue

buildArgValue =


Input Arguments

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To get the build argument identifiers from the build information, use the getBuildArgs function.

Output Arguments

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Version History

Introduced in R2014a