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Download MATLAB MEX APIs for Kinova Gen 3

Kinova® Robotics provides the MATLAB® APIs under GitHub® repository matlab_kortex, to connect and control Gen3 robot with MATLAB and Simulink®. It also includes an adapter for Image Acquisition Toolbox™. This adapter can be used to acquire RGB and depth images from the vision module of the Gen3 robot.

The required functions to connect with the manipulator can be downloaded from the Kinova Artifactory. The download page does not load properly in the Internet Explorer® or Microsoft Edge® web browsers.

The examples that are provided in this release of the support package are developed and tested with the KORTEXTM API version 2.2.1 and with the manipulator having a firmware version 2.2.1. For detailed instructions on changing the robot firmware, refer to the user guide for Gen3 robot.

Once the download is complete, extract the ZIP file to a preferred location and add the extracted folder and subfolders to the MATLAB path. For more information on how to add folder to the MATLAB search path, refer to addpath.

The MATLAB APIs provided by Kinova Robotics includes pre-compiled MEX files. However, you can build them again (for build instructions, refer to this GitHub page of Kinova Robotics). The package includes a MEX interface function kortexApiMexInterface, which serves as a mexFunction (C) function (entry point) for C/C++ MEX functions. It also includes the MATLAB system object, kortex.