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Extend and customize your Modelscape™ environment.

Customize Inventory Browser

Customize the Inventory Browser app to make it specific to your organization. You can customize the model data entry and the model summary table. You can also add new filters to the Inventory Browser and find models with a particular attribute easily. For an example that shows how to customize the Inventory Browser app, see Customizing Model Inventory: Risk Tiering.

Implement Test Metrics

You can implement different test metrics in MATLAB® using Modelscape tools. For an example that shows how to implement test metrics, see Test Metrics in Modelscape.

Customize Review Editor

You can attach review files to model reviews using the Review Editor app. These files include model validation documents and scripts supporting such documents. By default, you attach the files to the project (or model) repository. You can also store these attachments in a network folder. For an example that shows how to customize and extend your Review Editor app, see File Attachments in Modelscape Review Editor.

You can also customize the signoff forms in the Review Editor app. For an example that shows how to customize signoff forms, see Customization of Signoff Forms in Review Editor.

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