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Create Modelscape models and add dependencies

Since R2023a


Use the Inventory Browser app to create Modelscape™ models and add dependencies between models.

Modelscape models are quantitative solutions that apply statistical, economic, or other techniques to given inputs to produce an output. You can use these outputs to guide pricing or other business decisions. Modelscape models must be backed by a Git™ repository and associated with a lifecycle.

Each Modelscape model has multiple model versions. Model versions are committed updates of a Modelscape model. For example, Probability of Default for Retail Credit in Europe is a Modelscape model, and its 2015 and 2020 versions are the model versions. While a Modelscape model corresponds to a Git repository, a model version refers to a Git commit.

Use the model inventory browser app to create new Modelscape models and add dependencies between models.

Inventory Browser app

Open the Inventory Browser App


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Create a new model by clicking New Model on the menu. Associate the model with a lifecycle. To create a lifecycle for your model, see the Lifecycle Designer app.

Add the model name and other relevant fields.

Click Create to create the model. The table of models on the left shows the new model.

Select a row in the Models table and click Browser under the Launch Model dropdown.

If the model has a valid repository URL, the app launches a browser that displays the repository.

On the left of the app, in the table of models, double-click the row containing the model you want to update. The app opens the details windows associated with the model.

Update the fields you want to modify.

Click Update to save your changes.

Add dependencies between two or more Modelscape models in Inventory Browser.

Dependencies show the links between Modelscape models. When two Modelscape models are linked together by a dependency arrow, the model near the upstream link (at the head of the arrow) takes inputs from the outputs of the model near the downstream link (at the tail of the arrow).

You can also create dependencies between Modelscape models and data, or between models and Modelscape references. Modelscape references are the files or information that you can associate with a Modelscape model, model version, or Review document.

Click the Model Dependencies tab to show the existing dependencies between models.

Select upstream and downstream dependencies for the model and click Add. Alternatively, click the upstream model and hold Ctrl while you click the downstream model.

Click Save to save the dependency diagram.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a

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