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Create and Analyze Compact Credit Scorecards

Creating compact credit scorecards, obtaining points and scores, probability of default using Risk Management Toolbox™

Tools for credit scorecard modeling are also available in Financial Toolbox™.

For information on developing credit scorecards, see Create Credit Scorecards (Financial Toolbox).


compactCreditScorecardCreate compactCreditScorecard object for a credit scorecard model


displaypointsReturn points per predictor per bin for a compactCreditScorecard object
scoreCompute credit scores for given dataset for a compactCreditScorecard object
probdefaultLikelihood of default for given dataset for a compactCreditScorecard object


compactCreditScorecard Object Workflow

This example shows a workflow for creating a compactCreditScorecard object from a creditscorecard object.

Validate the Quality of a Compact Credit Scorecard Model

This example shows the workflow for validating a compact credit scorecard model by assessing the CAP, ROC, and KS plots.