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Binning Explorer for Credit Scorecards

App to perform interactive binning for credit scorecards

Binning Explorer fits into the overall credit scorecard workflow for using a creditscorecard object. Use the Binning Explorer to interactively bin data sets or credit scorecards. For more information, see Overview of Binning Explorer.


Binning ExplorerBin data and export into a creditscorecard object


screenpredictorsScreen credit scorecard predictors for predictive value


Common Binning Explorer Tasks

Binning Explorer app tasks for changing and saving binning options.

Binning Explorer Case Study Example

This example shows how to create a credit scorecard using the Binning Explorer app.

Stress Testing of Consumer Credit Default Probabilities Using Panel Data

This example shows how to use consumer credit panel data to visualize default rates, fit a model to predict probabilities of default, and perform a stress testing analysis.