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Generate MATLAB script to create scope with current settings

Since R2020a


generateScript(scope) generates a MATLAB® script that can re-create a timescope object with the current settings in the scope.


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Generate MATLAB script after making changes to the timescope object in the scope window.


The script only generates commands for settings that are available from the command line, applicable to the current visualization, and changed from the default value.

  1. Create a timescope object.

    scope = timescope;
  2. Set options in the Time Scope. For this example, on the Scope tab, click Settings. Under Display and Labels, select Show Legend and Magnitude Phase Plot. Set the Title as well.

  3. Generate a script to recreate the timescope with the same modified settings. Either select Generate Script from the Scope tab, or enter:


    A new editor window opens with code to regenerate the same scope.

    % Creation Code for 'timescope'.
    % Generated by Time Scope on 8-Nov-2019 13:51:54 -0500.
    timeScope = timescope('Position',[2286 355 800 500], ...
        'Title','My Time Scope', ...
        'ShowLegend',true, ...

Input Arguments

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Object whose settings you want to recreate with a script.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a

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