Start a MATLAB Production Server Instance


This example shows how to install, configure, and start an on-premise instance of MATLAB® Production Server™.

To start a MATLAB Production Server instance:

Install MATLAB Production Server

To install MATLAB Production Server:

  1. Download the product from MathWorks Downloads. For more information, see Install MATLAB Production Server.

  2. Run the installer.

  3. Select License Manager for installation in the product list.

  4. When asked where to install MATLAB Production Server, enter the name of an empty folder.

    You need the path to the installation to complete the tutorial.

  5. Add the $MPS_INSTALL\script folder to your system PATH environment variable.

    $MPS_INSTALL represents your MATLAB Production Server installation folder.

Install MATLAB Runtime

If it is not already installed on your system, you must install the MATLAB Runtime. MATLAB Production Server requires the MATLAB Runtime.

To install a MATLAB Runtime:

  1. Download the MATLAB Runtime installer from

  2. Run the MATLAB Runtime installer.

Create a Server Instance

To create the server instance:

  1. Move to the folder where you want to create your server.

  2. Run the mps-new command.

    C:\tmp>mps-new prod_server_1 -v
  3. Verify the output.

    The UUID of the newly created instance is 4876f876-56a6-40ef-a4e3-96a69b39cb49 

For more information on these folders, see Server Diagnostic Tools.

Configure the Server Instance

After you create a new server instance, you must configure it. The MATLAB Production Server configuration file, main_config, includes many parameters you can use to tune server performance. At a minimum, you must use the file to specify the location of the MATLAB Runtime you want to use with the server instance.

To configure the server instance’s default MATLAB Runtime:

  1. From the system command line, run mps-setup.

  2. Follow the directions to specify which MATLAB Runtime the server instance uses.

For more information about configuration options, see Edit the Configuration File.

Start the Server

To start the server:

  1. Run the mps-start command.

    mps-start -C C:\tmp\prod_server_1
  2. Verify the server instance has started using the mps-status command.

    mps-status -C C:\tmp\prod_server_1
    'C:\tmp\prod_server_1' STARTED
     license checked out