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Supported MATLAB Runtime Versions for MATLAB Production Server

MATLAB® Runtime is a standalone set of shared libraries that enable the execution of compiled MATLAB applications or components on computers that do not have MATLAB installed. MATLAB Production Server™ requires a MATLAB Runtime instance to execute the deployed MATLAB applications that it hosts. If your on-premises server machine does not have MATLAB Runtime installed, download and install the MATLAB Runtime from For a server deployment on the cloud, the deployment provides the supported MATLAB Runtime versions. For more information about MATLAB Runtime, see MATLAB Runtime (MATLAB Compiler).


An installation of MATLAB Production Server supports MATLAB Runtime versions up to six releases back.

The following table lists several MATLAB Production Server releases and the corresponding MATLAB Runtime versions that each release supports.

MATLAB Production Server ReleaseSupported MATLAB Runtime Versions
R2023bR2023b, R2023a, R2022b, R2022a, R2021b, R2021a
R2023aR2023a, R2022b, R2022a, R2021b, R2021a, R2020b
R2022bR2022b, R2022a, R2021b, R2021a, R2020b, R2020a
R2022aR2022a, R2021b, R2021a, R2020b, R2020a, R2019b
R2021bR2021b, R2021a, R2020b, R2020a, R2019b, R20219a
R2021aR2021a, R2020b, R2020a, R2019b, R20219a, R2018b

To set the MATLAB Runtime version of a server instance, use the mps-setup command or the mcr-root configuration property.

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