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Create Collections to Store Coding Problems

Create and organize coding problems using collections and groups

You store coding problems that you create outside of a course in collections. Within collections, coding problems are organized by groups.

You can add coding problems from your collections to any course in a supported learning environment, for example, MATLAB® Grader™ hosted or LMS courses. You can also copy or reorganize coding problems in groups and collections.

  • Collections can access all MathWorks® products and toolboxes, regardless of what is on your license.

  • To view all your collections, go to your MATLAB Grader home page.

  • If you add a problem and have no collections, MATLAB Grader prompts you to create a collection and group.

  • When you are viewing a collection and click ADD PROBLEM, the problem is added to the last group in that collection.

  • You can re-order groups and problems within a collection.

  • You can give other instructors access to your collections so that they can add and edit problems as well as include them in their own courses.


  • Create Collections and Groups

    Use collections to store MATLAB Grader coding problems that you create outside of a MATLAB Grader hosted course,for use in other courses, including an LMS.

  • Share Your Collections

    You can have teaching assistants or other instructors assist you with authoring MATLAB coding problems.