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Reset rotation count to zero

Add-On Required: This feature requires the MATLAB Support Package for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Hardware add-on.



resetRotation(mymotor) resets the rotation measurement to zero. You can use this function to reset the value that the readRotation function returns to zero.


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Control a motor, measure the wheel rotation of the motor in degrees, and clear the measurement.

Create a connection to the EV3 brick called myev3.

myev3 = legoev3
myev3 = 

  legoev3 with properties:

      FirmwareVersion: 'V1.03E'
           HardwareID: []
            IPAddress: []
    CommunicationType: 'USB'
         BatteryLevel: 100
     ConnectedSensors: {'touch'  'gyro'  'color'  'sonic'}

The sensor appears in the list of connected sensors.

Create a connection to a motor. Specify the letter of the EV3 output port that connects to the motor.

mymotor = motor(myev3,'A')
mymotor = 

  motor with properties:

    OutputPort: 'A'
         Speed: 0

By default, the speed is zero.

Configure the motor to reverse at half speed.

mymotor.Speed = -50
mymotor = 

  motor with properties:

    OutputPort: 'A'
         Speed: -50

Start the motor.


Read the rotation value, in degrees, of the motor.

rotation = readRotation(mymotor)
ans =


Reset the rotation value of the motor to zero.


Input Arguments

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Connection to a motor, specified as a string that represents the object created using motor.

Example: mymotor

Data Types: char