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Save profiling results in HTML format



profsave saves the results produced by the MATLAB® Profiler in HTML format. First, the function executes profile("info") to access the structure containing the results. Then, it creates an HTML file summarizing the results, as well as a separate HTML file for each function listed in the FunctionTable field of the structure. See profile for more information on profiling results.

By default, profsave saves the files to the profile_results subfolder in your current folder.

profsave(profinfo) saves the profiling results specified by profinfo in HTML format. profinfo is the structure returned by an earlier call to profile("info").


profsave(profinfo,foldername) saves the HTML files to the folder specified by foldername. If the folder does not exist, the function creates it.


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Turn on the Profiler and call the magic function.

profile on
n = 100;
M = magic(n);
profile off

Save the results as HTML files. By default, profsave saves the files to the profile_results subfolder in your current folder.


Profile your code and save the results to a subfolder within your current folder.

Turn on the Profiler, and then create a multiline plot.

profile on

Figure contains an axes object. The axes object contains 5 objects of type line.

Create HTML files from the profiling results, and save the files to the myresults subfolder in your current folder.

p = profile("info");

Input Arguments

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Profiler statistics, specified as a structure. To create a Profiler statistics structure, call profile("info"). For more information, see profile.

Folder name, specified a string scalar or character vector. foldername can include a relative path, but only if the specified folder is in the current folder. Otherwise, foldername must include a full path.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a