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Expand tree node




expand(parent) expands the nodes of a tree or tree node. If parent is a Tree object, then the top-level nodes display in an expanded state. If parent is a TreeNode object, then that node displays in an expanded state.


expand(parent,'all') expands all nodes of a tree or tree node.


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Create a tree that has three levels of nodes. By default, the nodes display in a collapsed state.

f = uifigure;
tree = uitree(f,'Position',[20 20 175 100]);
% First level nodes
category1 = uitreenode(tree,'Text','Runners');
category2 = uitreenode(tree,'Text','Cyclists');

% Second level nodes
equip1 = uitreenode(category1,'Text','Equipment');
equip2 = uitreenode(category2,'Text','Equipment');
% Third level nodes
shoes = uitreenode(equip1,'Text','Running Shoes');
bike = uitreenode(equip2,'Text','Bicycle');
helmet = uitreenode(equip2,'Text','Helmet');

Expand the top-level nodes.


Expand all the nodes in the tree.


Input Arguments

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Parent tree or node, specified as a Tree object or TreeNode object.

Introduced in R2017b