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Remove folder on SFTP or FTP server



rmdir(s,folder) removes the specified folder from the current folder on the SFTP or FTP server associated with s. folder must be empty.


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Connect to an FTP server and remove a folder on the server. This example shows a hypothetical FTP session on, a machine that does not exist. If you have an account on an FTP server that grants you permission to upload or change files on that server, then you can use the rmdir function as shown in this example.

First, connect to the server.

s = ftp('')
FTP with properties:

                         Host: ""
                     Username: "anonymous"
                         Port: 21
                 ServerLocale: "en_GB"
                         Mode: "binary"
    LocalDataConnectionMethod: "passive"
       RemoteWorkingDirectory: "/"

Display the contents of the current folder on the FTP server.

myscript.m                  README.txt                pub    

Remove the pub folder from the FTP server.


Display the updated contents on the FTP server.

myscript.m                  README.txt

Input Arguments

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Connection to an SFTP or FTP server, specified as an SFTP object or an FTP object.

Remote folder to delete, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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