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Unload process associated with C++ library

Since R2023a



unload(clibobj) unloads the process associated with the C++ library if the ExecutionMode property of clibobj is outofprocess. Throws an error if the property value is inprocess.


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Suppose that you built an interface schoolInterface.dll in C:\work which is on the MATLAB® path. The interface is set to out-of-process execution.

To display the interface environment information, type:

configObj = clibConfiguration("school")
configObj = 
  CLibraryConfiguration for school with properties:
    InterfaceLibraryPath: "C:\work"
               Libraries: ""
                  Loaded: 1
           ExecutionMode: outofprocess
               ProcessID: 17616

To unload the library, type:


Input Arguments

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C++ library interface environment, specified as a CLibraryConfiguration object created with clibConfiguration.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a