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clibgen Namespace

Summary of namespaces and classes to support calling C++ library functionality from MATLAB


Use these classes to publish a MATLAB interface to a C++ shared library. If you already have a MATLAB interface, then see Call Functions in C++ Compiled Library.


clibgen.LibraryDefinitionMATLAB definition for C++ library
clibgen.ClassDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB class corresponding to C++ class
clibgen.ConstructorDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB function corresponding to C++ class constructor
clibgen.MethodDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB function corresponding to C++ class method
clibgen.PropertyDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB property corresponding to public property of C++ class
clibgen.FunctionDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB function corresponding to C++ package function
clibgen.EnumDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB enumeration corresponding to C++ enumeration
clibgen.FunctionTypeDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB function type corresponding to C++ function type
clibgen.OpaqueTypeDefinitionDefinition for MATLAB type corresponding to C++ opaque type


clibgen.generateLibraryDefinitionCreate definition file for C++ library
clibgen.buildInterfaceCreate interface to C++ library without definition file