Use this library to perform operations in the MATLAB® environment from C/C++ MEX files using mxArray


Functions in the C MEX API work with the MATLAB mxArray data type, which is defined in the C Matrix API. To write applications using modern C++ features, see C++ MEX Applications.

Use mexFunction in a MEX file like you would main in C or C++ programs. To call a MATLAB function, use mexCallMATLAB or mexEvalString. To pass data between the MEX file and the MATLAB workspace, use the mexGetVariable and mexPutVariable functions.

mexFunctionEntry point to C/C++ MEX function built with C Matrix API
mexFunctionNameName of current MEX function
mexAtExitRegister function to call when MEX function clears or MATLAB terminates
mexCallMATLABCall MATLAB function, user-defined function, or MEX function
mexCallMATLABWithTrapCall MATLAB function, user-defined function, or MEX-file and capture error information
mexEvalStringExecute MATLAB command in caller workspace
mexEvalStringWithTrapExecute MATLAB command in caller workspace and capture error information
mexGetVariableCopy of variable from specified workspace
mexGetVariablePtrRead-only pointer to variable from another workspace
mexPutVariableArray from MEX function into specified workspace
mexGetValue of specified graphics property
mexSetSet value of specified graphics property
mexPrintfANSI C PRINTF-style output routine
mexErrMsgIdAndTxtDisplay error message with identifier and return to MATLAB prompt
mexWarnMsgIdAndTxtWarning message with identifier
mexIsLockedDetermine if MEX-file is locked
mexLockPrevent clearing MEX-file from memory
mexUnlockAllow clearing MEX-file from memory
mexMakeArrayPersistentMake array persist after MEX file completes
mexMakeMemoryPersistentMake memory allocated by MATLAB software persist after MEX-function completes