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Apps with Auto-Reflow

Apps with auto-reflow are preconfigured app types that optimize the viewing experience by automatically adjusting the size, location, and visibility of the app content in response to screen size, orientation, and platform. Use apps with auto-reflow if you expect to run or share your apps across multiple environments or desktop resolutions.

Auto-Reflow Behavior

The App Designer Start Page includes 2-panel and 3-panel apps with auto-resize and auto-reflow, and canvas interactions to guide app building. No additional code is needed to achieve the reflowing and resizing behavior.

Apps with auto-reflow extend the existing auto-resize behaviors that are on by default in all App Designer apps. These apps detect and adapt to the available screen size when they are first displayed. Both 2- and 3-panel apps have a large flexible-size panel, intended for visualizations like plots. As the app changes size, the large panel grows or shrinks, depending on the space available.

When an app is resized beyond a certain predefined threshold, the panels in the app reflow and reorder to make the best use of the space. As panels reorder themselves, they and the components in them dynamically adjust in size while extra space between components (whitespace) is also reduced.

When an app becomes very small, auto-resize stops eliminating whitespace and resizing components. This can put some components outside the visible part of the window. To access these components, set the Scrollable property of the panels to'on'. This enables scroll bars to appear when necessary.

Example: Using Apps with Auto-Reflow

This example shows how to create components within the panels of an app with auto-reflow. Controls for data selection are parented to the left panel, and data visualizations are parented to two tabs in the right panel. Change the size of the app window at run time to demonstrate the resize and reflow behaviors.

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