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Measure and Manage Project Quality

Collect metric data for code, tests, and requirements in MATLAB® projects

Use MATLAB Test™ to assess the quality of the MATLAB code in Projects. You can view project metrics for code analysis, test results, coverage, and requirements verification at a glance in the Quality Dashboard. View details of each metric by navigating from the dashboard to reports and other artifacts.

Verify MATLAB code in projects by using the MATLAB Test Manager. Run tests and view test results for your project. View coverage results in the coverage report. If you have a Requirements Toolbox™ license, you can use the MATLAB Test Manager to verify linked requirements.


Code Quality DashboardView code quality metrics for projects (Since R2023a)
MATLAB Test ManagerManage MATLAB tests and results for projects (Since R2023a)


matlabtest.codequalitydashboard.runTestsAndRefreshDataRun tests and refresh data in Code Quality Dashboard (Since R2024a)
matlabtest.codequalitydashboard.getMetricsGet metrics from Code Quality Dashboard (Since R2024a)
matlabtest.codequalitydashboard.exportMetricsExport Code Quality Dashboard metrics to JSON (Since R2024a)