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Cluster Processes and Profiles

Start a MATLAB® Job Scheduler and workers, share cluster profiles

UNIX and DOS Control Scripts

admincenterStart Admin Center GUI
mjsInstall, start, stop, or uninstall mjs service
nodestatusStatus of mjs processes running on node
startjobmanagerStart job manager process
startworkerStart MATLAB worker session
stopjobmanagerStop job manager process
stopworkerStop MATLAB worker session

Examples and How To

Tools Workflow

Configure Advanced Options for MATLAB Job Scheduler Integration

Configure your MATLAB Parallel Server™ installation to use a MATLAB Job Scheduler.

Start Admin Center

Admin Center is a graphical user interface with which you can control and monitor the MATLAB Parallel Server processes of a MATLAB Job Scheduler cluster.

Set Up Resources

To specify the hosts you want listed in Admin Center, click Add or Find in the Welcome dialog box, or if this is not a new session, click Add or Find in the Hosts module.

Test Connectivity

Admin Center lets you test communications between your MATLAB Job Scheduler node, worker nodes, and the node where Admin Center is running.

Export and Import Sessions

By default, Admin Center saves the cluster definition, process status, and test results, so the next time the same user runs Admin Center on the same machine, that saved information is available and displayed by default.

Prepare for Cluster Profiles

Admin Center does not create cluster profiles, but the information displayed in Admin Center is of vital importance when you create your cluster profiles — information such as MATLAB Job Scheduler name, MATLAB Job Scheduler host, and number of workers.

Programmatic Workflow

Shut Down a Job Manager Cluster

Terminating parallel computing processes on your cluster.


Product Overview

Overview of the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ product and the MATLAB Parallel Server product.

Requirements and Ports for MATLAB Parallel Server

Examine network requirements, port configuration, and limitations for running Parallel Computing Toolbox software and MATLAB Parallel Server software.