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Downlink Physical Signals

Generate narrowband synchronization signals (NPSS, NRS, NSSS)

Synchronize cells by using the narrowband primary synchronization signals (NPSSs) and narrowband secondary synchronization signals (NSSSs). Estimate the downlink channel by using the narrowband reference signals (NRSs).


lteNPSSGenerate NPSS symbols for subframe (Since R2019a)
lteNPSSIndicesGenerate NPSS RE indices for subframe (Since R2019a)
lteNRSGenerate cell-specific NRS symbols (Since R2019a)
lteNRSIndicesNRS resource element indices
lteNSSSGenerate NSSS symbols for subframe (Since R2019a)
lteNSSSIndicesGenerate NSSS RE indices for subframe (Since R2019a)