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Display Image Processing Toolbox Preferences window



iptprefs opens the Image Processing Toolbox™ Preferences window, part of the MATLAB® Preferences window. You can also open this window by clicking Preferences button Preferences on the Home tab, in the Environment section.

The Image Processing Toolbox Preferences window contains display preferences for the imshow function and the Image Tool (imtool), and provides an option for enabling hardware optimizations. For a list of all supported preferences with information about how to set them at the command line, see iptsetpref. The figure shows the Preferences window. For details about how options in the Preferences window map to iptsetpref preferences, see Image Processing Toolbox Preferences.

Image Processing Toolbox Preferences Window

Interface for the Image Processing Toolbox Preference window

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Image Processing Toolbox Preferences

The table shows how the options in the Preferences window relate to preferences supported by the iptsetpref function. For more information about the meaning and potential values for each preference, see the table in the prefname input argument description on the iptsetpref reference page.

Preferences Window InterfaceRelationship to iptsetpref Preferences

Display settings for the Image Tool (imtool)

Preferences window interface for the Image Tool display settings

  • Open Overview Tool with Image Tool sets the ImtoolStartWithOverview preference.

  • Initial Magnification sets the ImtoolInitialMagnification preference.

Display settings for the imshow function

Preferences window interface for the imshow function display settings

  • Axes visible sets the ImshowAxesVisible preference.

  • Border Style sets the ImshowBorder preference.

  • Initial Magnification sets the ImshowInitialMagnification preference.


In MATLAB Online™, access the imshow display settings in the Preferences window under MATLAB > Image Display. (since R2023a)

Processor Optimizations for toolbox functions

Preferences window interface for option to enable hardware optimizations

  • Processor Optimizations sets the UseIPPL preference.

Version History

Introduced in R2009a

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