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Workflow to Price an Interest-Rate Instrument

Price a financial instrument with a zero curve. Such an instrument has no embedded optionality, in other words, the cash flows are deterministic and valuing the instrument is simply a matter of generating the cash flows and then computing the present value of the cash flows by generating corresponding discount factors from the zero curve. For more information on the supported interest-rate instruments, see Choose Instruments, Models, and Pricers.

Price Vanilla FixedBond Instrument Using ratecurve and Discount Pricer

This example shows the workflow to price a vanilla FixedBond instrument when you use a ratecurve and a Discount pricing method.

Create FixedBond Instrument Object

Use fininstrument to create a FixedBond instrument object.

FixB = fininstrument("FixedBond",'Maturity',datetime(2022,9,15),'CouponRate',0.021,'Period',2,'Basis',1,'Principal',100,'Name',"fixed_bond_instrument")
FixB = 
  FixedBond with properties:

                  CouponRate: 0.0210
                      Period: 2
                       Basis: 1
                EndMonthRule: 1
                   Principal: 100
    DaycountAdjustedCashFlow: 0
       BusinessDayConvention: "actual"
                    Holidays: NaT
                   IssueDate: NaT
             FirstCouponDate: NaT
              LastCouponDate: NaT
                   StartDate: NaT
                    Maturity: 15-Sep-2022
                        Name: "fixed_bond_instrument"

Create ratecurve Object

Create a ratecurve object using ratecurve.

Settle = datetime(2018,9,15);
Type = 'zero';
ZeroTimes = [calmonths(6) calyears([1 2 3 4 5 7 10 20 30])]';
ZeroRates = [0.0052 0.0055 0.0061 0.0073 0.0094 0.0119 0.0168 0.0222 0.0293 0.0307]';
ZeroDates = Settle + ZeroTimes;
myRC = ratecurve('zero',Settle,ZeroDates,ZeroRates)
myRC = 
  ratecurve with properties:

                 Type: "zero"
          Compounding: -1
                Basis: 0
                Dates: [10x1 datetime]
                Rates: [10x1 double]
               Settle: 15-Sep-2018
         InterpMethod: "linear"
    ShortExtrapMethod: "next"
     LongExtrapMethod: "previous"

Create Discount Pricer Object

Use finpricer to create a Discount pricer object and use the ratecurve object with the 'DiscountCurve' name-value pair argument.

outPricer = finpricer("Discount",'DiscountCurve',myRC)
outPricer = 
  Discount with properties:

    DiscountCurve: [1x1 ratecurve]

Price FixedBond Instrument

Use price to compute the price and sensitivities for the FixedBond instrument.

[Price, outPR] = price(outPricer, FixB,["all"])
Price = 104.5679
outPR = 
  priceresult with properties:

       Results: [1x2 table]
    PricerData: []

ans=1×2 table
    Price       DV01  
    ______    ________

    104.57    0.040397

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