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Exclude check from code generation objective



excludeCheck(objective, checkID) excludes the specified check from the Code Generation Advisor when you specify the objective. When you select multiple objectives, if you specify an additional objective that includes this check as a higher priority objective, the Code Generation Advisor includes this check.


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Create a custom objective based on the Traceability objective.

Create a file sl_customization.m to contain a callback function that creates the custom objective.

function sl_customization(cm)
%SL_CUSTOMIZATION objective customization callback

objCustomizer = cm.ObjectiveCustomizer;
index = objCustomizer.addCallbackObjFcn(@addObjectives);


Create and configure the objective in the addObjectives function. Set the name of the objective and modify the list of checks, parameters, and values to verify. Then register the objective in the Code Generation Advisor.

function addObjectives

% Create the custom objective
obj = rtw.codegenObjectives.Objective('ex_trace', 'Traceability');
setObjectiveName(obj, 'Custom Traceability Example');

% Remove inherited parameters from the objective
removeInheritedParam(obj, 'MATLABFcnDesc');
removeInheritedParam(obj, 'MATLABSourceComments');

% Remove the inherited code instrumentation check
removeInheritedCheck(obj, 'mathworks.codegen.CodeInstrumentation');

% Modify the inherited parameter 'ConvertIfToSwitch' and set the value to 'on'
modifyInheritedParam(obj, 'ConvertIfToSwitch', 'on');

% Exclude the inherited check for the software environment
excludeCheck(obj, 'mathworks.codegen.SWEnvironmentSpec');

%Register the objective


Input Arguments

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Code generation objective, specified as a rtw.codegenObjectives.Objective object.

Identifier of check that you want to exclude, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Example: 'mathworks.codegen.CodeInstrumentation'

Version History

Introduced in R2009a