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View logged scenario simulation data

Since R2024a


    view(log,"ActorID",ID) graphically displays runtime attributes of actor with identifier ID in the Simulink Data Inspector from information recorded in the simulation log log. You can view the following runtime attributes in the Simulink Data Inspector.

    • Position

    • Velocity

    • Angular velocity

    To be able to view actor runtime attributes graphically, you must either get a fresh log after a simulation stops playing by using the get function, or load an existing simulation log by using the load function.

    Simulation Data Inspector window - graphically displaying Position Y, Velocity Y and AngularVelocity Y of a vehicle running in a RoadRunner Scenario simulation.

    Input Arguments

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    Scenario simulation log from which to view data, specified as a ScenarioLog object.

    Actor identifier, specified as a positive integer. The actor identifier specifies the particular actor for which you want to view runtime attributes.

    Example: view(log,'ActorID',5)

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a

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