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Perform unsupervised learning of features using autoencoder neural networks

If you have unlabeled data, perform unsupervised learning with autoencoder neural networks for feature extraction.


AutoencoderAutoencoder class


trainAutoencoderTrain an autoencoder
trainSoftmaxLayerTrain a softmax layer for classification
decodeDecode encoded data
encodeEncode input data
generateFunctionGenerate a MATLAB function to run the autoencoder
generateSimulinkGenerate a Simulink model for the autoencoder
networkConvert Autoencoder object into network object
plotWeightsPlot a visualization of the weights for the encoder of an autoencoder
predictReconstruct the inputs using trained autoencoder
stackStack encoders from several autoencoders together
viewView autoencoder


Train Stacked Autoencoders for Image Classification

This example shows how to train stacked autoencoders to classify images of digits.