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Database Operations

Run stored procedure or custom function, alter structure of database, manage database transactions, and switch between catalogs

You can use the execute function and other Database Toolbox™ functionality to perform numerous database operations. For example, use the runstoredprocedure function to run a stored procedure. You can alter database structure by creating tables and adding columns. The rollback and commit functions enable you to manage database transactions. Or, you can execute the corresponding SQL statements by using the execute function.


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executeExecute SQL statement using relational database connection
commitMake database changes permanent
rollbackUndo database changes
runstoredprocedureCall stored procedure with and without input and output arguments
execExecute SQL statement using SQLite connection


Run Custom Database Function

Run a custom database function on Microsoft® SQL Server®.

Change Database Connection Catalog

Switch between different database catalogs.

Roll Back Data in Database

Execute ROLLBACK SQL statement by using the execute function.

Create Table and Add Column

Manage database structures using the CREATE and ALTER SQL statements.

Delete Data from Databases

Delete data from your database using MATLAB®.